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If you liked my memoir, SOMEBODY’S DAUGHTER, or any of the articles I’ve written over the last decade, my social media commentary, or any one of the podcasts I’ve hosted, and you thought to yourself, “I could do with a little more of her in my life,” then you should absolutely subscribe to this newsletter.

My favorite social media platforms are still great places to learn new things, and meet new people, but the kinds of conversations I want to have online don’t always live well in those spaces. I want to have the kind of talks that expand on stories I’ve only just begun to share, and thoughts I’ve only just begun to understand. I miss writing about what’s on my mind in real time, but just as anyone would expect from me, I want to do it my way. My way takes more time than I can get from most places. So again, as anyone would expect from me, I will find a way to do it anyway.

This is the place where a little commentary and a lot of big ideas can hopefully live side by side. My wish is that we’ll get to talk about a lot of them together. This will also be where future book news, career news, and project news is updated. I’ve never made a little space for myself and the people who want to be in conversation with me and my work before, and this is the closest I’ll come for some time, I think.

I hope you’ll stick around :)

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